Fire Safe Protection service is a leading Fire Extinguisher Refilling Service in Mumbai. We offer our Fire Extinguisher refilling service in Mumbai in a very professional way with accuracy. The services which we offer are conducted by our highly qualified and experienced professionals using best technology and advanced techniques. Our services are precisely executed without leaving any margin of error, our services are extensively appreciated by our clients. Further, we perform this refilling service as per the requirements of our clients’ and provide them our services at best market price. Our company deals with a multitude of fire extinguishers and fire protection products like Fire Suppression System, Water mist & Specialised Products, etc. and now we are anticipating into Fire Extinguisher Refilling Services.

We deal in refilling all types and Sizes of fire extinguishers; we have all types of materials required for filling fire extinguishers of different types. The different types of fire extinguishers are ABC type, CO2 type, Clean Agent type, DCP type, Water type, Trolley mounted type, Mechanical type and Ceiling mounted type fire extinguishers. We are one of the best providers of fire extinguisher refilling service in Mumbai.


Refilling of fire extinguishers are used to make sure your extinguishers are prepared to handle a fire emergency at any given time. If you fail to schedule regular inspections to recharge your extinguishers, you increase your chances for equipment malfunction and we wants to give special attention to it.

Re-filling & Installation

Fire extinguishers are reusable products; that are filled with fire eliminating material that can be refilled into an extinguisher even after its use, so one fire extinguisher can be used various times by just filling time material inside it.

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  • Partnered with highly skilled and trained professionals from the industry

  • 100% customer satisfaction

  • Guaranteed on-time Delivery


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